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World Tourism Cities Weekly vol.16

The number of Chinese visitors to central New Zealand is set to grow, following a new partnership between Wellington’s largest tourism organisations that will see a $2.5million funding boost to grow tourism to the region over the next five years.

World Tourism Cities Weekly vol.15

On July 12, the press conference for the WTCF Qingdao Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2018 was held in Beijing. Jointly hosted by WTCF and Qingdao Municipal Government, the summit will be held at Qingdao Shangri-La Hotel, with the theme of “Orient Industry Trends, Brand Tourism Cities”.

World Tourism Cities Weekly vol.14

In June, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is rippling with blue waves and green plants on both sides of the embankment.

World Tourism Cities Weekly vol.13

Hamburg, a Hanseatic City, has become the most beautiful metropolis in Europe because of its seaside charms and inclusiveness. The city offers tourists a glimpse of pure cit

World Tourism Cities XVI

World Tourism Cities XVI, theme:Along the Amazing 40th Parallel North

World Tourism Cities XV

World Tourism Cities XV, theme:Better City Life through Sustainable Tourism

World Tourism Cities Weekly vol.12

On May 23, 2018, the “Standardization and Certification in Sustainable Tourism Sector” Seminar was held at the Marco Polo Parkside Hotel, Beijing. The seminar was jointly h

World Tourism Cities Weekly vol.11

Guide: Visit Petersburg Event in Cities of Europe Continues, Wechat Pay is available in Hong Kong Disneyland, A Big Hit: Washington, DC Knocks It Out of the Park All Summer Long, 8 Million Tourists This Year in Petersburg

World Tourism Cities Weekly vol.10

Guide: Long Awaited Sanya Water Themed Park Finally Opens, Ctrip opens services in Japan, TripAdvisor Has a Massive Influence on a $5 Trillion+ (and Growing) Global Travel Economy, According to New Oxford Economics Study, UnionPay Launches Special Offers in the Us for the Graduation Season...

World Tourism Cities Weekly vol.9

Guide: Buenos Aires to Provide Free Training for Tourism Providers, CAISSA Touristic and Brand USA Reach Strategic Partnership, Destination DC Announces Record 20.8 Million Domestic Visitors to Washington, DC in 2017, New Conveniences in Hiring Hangzhou Public Bicycles...

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