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Call to Action: Building Node Cities on the Belt and Road Tourism City Corridor

The Belt and Road Tourism Corridor carries the vision of promoting the Silk Road spirit of “peace,...

Qingdao Consensus General Assembly of the Committee of Cruise Industry of World Tourism Cities Federation

We share the view that to strengthencooperation and services of the cruise tourism industry, cultivate...

Promoting the Globalization of World Tourism Cities — Los Angeles Declaration of WTCF

Cities are both the major destinations and major tourist sources of world tourism. They carry the importa...

Leading Coherent Development Between Shared Economy and World Tourism Cities——Chongqing Declaration of World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF)

On the occasion of the WTCF Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2016, WTCF makes the following six...

Guiding documents of the World Tourism Cities

1 Goal and significanceWTCF is the first international tourism organization that unites tourism cities...

Beijing Consensus -- Framework of Tourism Services Guidelines of World Tourism Cities

September 12, 2013, BeijingWe, tourism cities from different countries and regions of the world, are...

Guidelines of World Tourism Cities Federation—Beijing Declaration

Cities are the crystallization of human civilization and tourism is the emissary of peace and friendship...

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