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10 Reasons to Visit Varna

Varna is one of the most visited cities in Europe by tourists who travel for pleasure and holidaymakers.

Release time : 2018-11-08 10:20:00
source : Varna city

Varna is one of the most visited cities in Europe by tourists who travel for pleasure and holidaymakers.

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria (with population more than 347 840 people), with an area of 205 sq. km. Its situation on the Northern shore of the Black Sea, along with its richness in natural resources make it one of the famous resorts Europe wide, definitely the largest one in the Black Sea region. It also happens to be on the crossroads between Western Europe and the Middle East.

Varna is a great city that has it all. But you might think, what is so special about Varna? Here are the Top 10 reasons to visit Varna:


Varna has a great location and is has mild climate throughout the year. The coldest time during the year is usually from December to March, in which the average temperature is between 5 and 10°C. The summer begins in early May and lasts till early October. Temperatures in summer usually vary between 25 C and 35 degrees C. The hottest months are usually July and August, with temperature around 30 - 35°C, so it’s the perfect climate to go to the beach and enjoy the sun. Seawater temperature during the summer months is usually around 23–27 degrees C.


Region of Varna (including Golden Sands and St. Constantine and Helena Resorts) well-known with its pure and tiny sands and the hot mineral springs. The resort Golden Sands is known as “The pearl of the Bulgarian Black Seaside”.


Varna the cradle of the oldest European civilization. In the city you could see the original artifacts of the oldest gold treasure in the whole world (4600 - 4200 B.C.). And that is just for the start of your history tour - there are many other treasures from later periods and cultures, such as Thracian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Bulgarian…

The guests of the city of Varna are deeply impressed and fascinated with the absolutely rich collections of the many

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