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Festivals in Hamburg

Every year, Hamburg has different kinds of festival, let s take a look at the most popular festivals in Hamburg.

Release time : 2018-07-06 11:21:00
source : Hamburg Tourism Bureau

Hamburg's Port Birthday

Each year on May the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg celebrates the birthday of its port. More than a million domestic and foreign visitors come annually to the maritime people's festival of superlatives and let themselves be inspired in the heart of Hamburg by the ships from all over the world. It has been considered to be the biggest port festival in the world. The festival begins with Grand Arrival Parade.Several stages are set up from Speicherstadt to Sankt Pauli. All kind of performances will be provided in other locations during the three days. The cruise competition, AIDA Cruise fireworks, and Schlepperballett are the highlights. The festival ends with Grand departure parade on Sunday.


Hamburg is proud of its Alster Lake and celebrates its Alstervergnuegen every year. During the four day summer festival, there are all kinds of snacks as well as street plays, music performance and sports in the Jungfernstieg and Alster bank. You can drink ice coffee, eat some ice cream, and watch the firework show every night, which makes Alster Lake more charming than ever.

Christmas Market

Three exclamations are made every day on the Hamburg Rathaus Square during Christmas, as Santa Claus is sitting on his sleigh and passing over people's heads. The Christmas Market at Hamburg Rathaus Square is not the only famous Christmas market in Hamburg. Everyone can find their favorite Christmas gift in different Christmas markets, spread over 15 different regions. Visitors can buy typical German goods such as handicrafts, biscuits, Christmas decorations, etc., at the booths. The locals can also enjoy Christmas with wine, children’s punch wine, fried sausages, fried pasta and fish cakes. Many Christmas markets are convenient to get to. It is a great

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