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Have fun in Madrid with 7 Euros only!

Madrid is unique in that no any other cities can replace her in this world. Whether you’ve come here before or not, this city can absolutely amaze you in its special way. Any occasional chance could take you on a trip without a plan, only to take a glance at the summer beauty of the capital city.

Release time : 2019-03-05 14:14:55
source : Sina Travel

needed because the journey begins at night. You can hear ghost stories of Reina Sofia Museum or Palace of Linares all over.

The secret legend of El Retiro Park

Enjoying the scenery at El Retiro Park in autumn may be a good choice and this is also what most of the locals would do. Besides the autumn scene, there are some little elves, magical trees and the statute of Lucifer which completely transformed the El Retiro Park into a place full of magic. Legend has it that Philip IV buried a batch of treasures here, right below the Gypsy Fountain on both sides of the lake in the mid-18th century. The splendid Glass Palace in the park is also a must-see, surrounded by green shades, which embodies the Palace more delicacy and elegance. Perhaps, a naughty squirrel is quietly gazing at you through the glass.

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