WTCF Shared Research Results with Global Tourism Industry Professionals

On the afternoon of March 6, WTCF introduced its annual research reports during the themed meeting “Presentation Of WTCF Publications On China Outbound Tourist Consumption And World Tourism Economic Trends”, which include the joint report of World Tourism Economy Trends (2019) with China Academy of Social Sciences...

Release time : 2019-03-07 16:33:52
source : WTCF

Starting in 2015, WTCF shared its research results to global tourism industry professionals through the Fragrant Hill Tourism Summit, themed press conferences, and other international exhibitions and forums as to offer decision-making service and intellectual support to tourism businesses of different governments and cities. Reports that WTCF released include City Tourism Performance Research, Annual Report on Development of World Tourism Cities, The Report on World Tourism Economy Trends, and Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist (City) Consumption.

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