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The Amador Causeway: Panama City's Booming Boardwalk

It wasn’t so long ago that the Calzada de Amador was nothing more than a strip of tarmac used to link the capital to the small islands of Naos, Perico and Flamenco.

Release time : 2019-03-08 16:13:33
source : Panama City

bikers up to Isla Perico for fantastic views of the city, a spot that few people know about. There’s a downhill trail with jumps, a pump track for performing tricks and an indoor park for rainy days.

Hook the catch of the day

For something a little more laid back, head to where the fisher folk hang out. Positioned just before the Canal Pilot’s dock at Isla Naos is a fishing platform where young and old gather to cast their rods. You’ll see fishermen of all skill levels trying to catch their supper, from expert anglers to hobby enthusiasts using nothing more than a hook tied to a nylon string. If you happen to have left your rod and bait at home, content yourself with the unobstructed views of the container ships entering the canal instead.

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