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Prague — the Best Beer City in Europe

Prague is the best city in Europe for beer lovers. That probably sounds outlandish, at least at first glance.

Release time : 2019-01-21 15:04:17
source : Prague city tourism

hoppy brews, often pale, from Britain and the United States. Often written as Ejl in Czech.

ALT - a type of malty, moderately bitter, top-fermented beer, usually amber in colour, traditionally associated with Düsseldorf.

AMBER - lager or ale type beer whose colour is halfway between light and dark beer.

BARLEYWINE - a type of very bitter and usually very sweet top-fermented beer, usually with 10% alcohol or more.

BLACK IPA - an India Pale Ale, or IPA, but very dark, often roasty in flavour, with pronounced hop flavours and aroma. In Czech: černá IPA. BOCK - a type of strong, bottom-fermented beer, often equivalent to a Czech Speciální pivo.

BOTTOM-FERMENTED BEER - often called lagers, these beers are generally produced at colder temperatures, resulting in less-pronounced yeast character. In Czech: spodně kvašené pivo.

DOPPELBOCK (from German) “double bock” - an exceptionally strong, bottom-fermented German beer whose colour ranges from rusty to deep brown. Strong and rich, with a long-lasting foam. Branded dopplebock beers nearly always carry the - ator suffix.

IMPERIAL PILSNER / IMPERIAL LAGER - a type of strong, pale, bottom-fermented beer, like a stronger version of classic Czech světlý ležák. Many brewers believe Imperial Lager and Bock to be the same thing.

INDIA PALE ALE (IPA) - a type of top-fermented beer, usually golden or amber in colour, with pronounced hop bitterness and flavours. Variations include Black IPA and Double IPA.

KVASNICOVÉ PIVO - “yeast beer,” a legal term for beer produced by adding fresh yeast or fresh fermenting wort to finished beer, often resulting in a cloudy beer with a yeasty, bread-like aroma.

LEŽÁK - lager, a legal term for the category of premium beers, made from wort with 11–12% extracted sugars before fermentation. These are the premium or

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