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Course Introduction

Key to Success: How to Conduct Tourism Marketing and Tourism Brand Promotion

How to systematically improve marketing results in Chinese tourism market and satisfy Chinese tourists? With years of experience, the speaker is going to introduce systematic strategies on maximizing marketing results...

An Analysis on Chinese Outbound Tourists and Their Consumption Patterns

In this lecture, the following questions will be fully discussed: What are Chinese tourists’ characteristics and how to classify them? What are their specific requirements? How to satisfy them before, during and after the journey? ...

Destination Marketing Innovation Based on Big Data

As the first internet-based tourism firm, Ctrip has accumulated large amounts of tourism data. The speaker will take Ctrip as an example to introduce big data methods in tourism, especially in tourism firms’ marketing and brand image building.

Marketing Strategies in Chinese Tourism Market: A Case Study

After joining the L.A. Tourism as the regional director of China, the speaker successfully popularized Los Angeles tourism in China and improved Los Angeles tourism services for Chinese tourists through better projecting on Los Angeles’ tourism resources.

Tourism City Marketing in China

In this lecture, the speaker is going to start with the fundamental ideas and research frontier theories of tourism city marketing. Then he will analyze the experience and deficiencies of the present tourism city marketing in China.

The General Situation of Chinese Outbound Tourists’ Consumption

Chinese tourists with great spending power provided unique business opportunities for destination tourism cities. What is the scale of Chinese tourists’ consumption abroad? What is the spending structure of it...

Status Quo and Development Trend of Chinese Outbound Tourism

Chinese outbound tourism is growing rapidly in recent years. It is necessary to analyze the structure and trends of it from all perspectives. In this lecture, the speaker is going to analyze the scale, trends and structure of Chinese outbound tourism.

China's Tourism in the Global Perspective

Chinese outbound tourism is growing rapidly in recent years. How to demystify it from a global perspective? The speaker will introduce the growing patterns in various tourist destinations of different areas and role of Chinese tourists.


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Director of the Tourism Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS)

Dr. Song Rui is Director of the Tourism Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS)

Deputy Director of WTCF Expert Committee

Zou Tongqian, Ph.D of Nanjing University, Post-doctor of Renmin University of China, Professor of

Associate Professor at Urban and Real Estate Economics Department of NAES, CASS

Dr. Liu Yanping, with Ph.D in Business management, is working as associate director and associate

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Abidjan (Grande Mosquée du Plateau)

Astana (The Baiterek Tower)

Athens (Herod Atticus Odeon)

Berlin (Berlin Cathedral)

Brussels (Town Hall)

Hamburg (Elbe Philharmonic Hall)


2017 WTCF International Tourist Destination(Cities)Promotion and Marketing Training Program

Chinese outbound tourism market is growing rapidly, which provides innumerable opportunities for tourist destination...


Wang Qian, Trade Analyst in the Brazilian Embassy in Beijing

This is a very good chance. I learned a lot from this training program, the examples of the

Aigars Smiltans, MEET RĪGA Director

you can learn a lot of new things this is one thing. I also learn something new then I had

Lydia Charlie, Executive DirectorOffice of the Mayor of Victoria

Being a city member which its economic is based on tourism I feel it is very important to attend

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