Table for Solicitation of Investment and Financing Project Information

The 2019 WTCF Investment & Financing Conference will be held at the Beijing International Conference Center on May 29, 2019.

Investors and project parties will conduct “one-to-one” and “face-to-face” business negotiations regarding investment and financing. Currently, we are soliciting project information, and the details are shown on the following table.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2019. The WTCF Committee of Investment will start the project review and selection process by then.

In order to ensure your projects can pass the qualification review and to improve negotiation results, please fill in relevant information in detail. If items in the table involve your sensitive information, you have to option to leave it blank.

I. Project Information

  • Members:*

  • Name of the project:*

  • Industry involved:*

  • Project profile:*

    (floor area, project features, project orientation, project schedule, etc.)

  • Industry involved:*

II. Negotiation intentions

  • Planned financing sum (in $):*

  • Financing plan:

    (cooperation mode: holding/whole ownership, proportion of total share, etc.) (project operating mode: PPP, government procurement, etc. , other financing plans)

  • Plan for fund demand:

    (total planned investment, planned loans, use of fund, time for fund demand, etc.)

III. Information of project owners

  • Name of project owner:*

  • Country/City:*


  • Name of contact:*

  • Title of contact:*

  • Tel:*

  • Address:

  • E-mail:*

  • Website:

  • Core competitiveness:

    (innovative technology, innovative talent, excellent corporate, brand influence, etc.)

  • Application examples:

    (project of completed project)

  • Market prospect:

    (future planning of the company, development potential of the project, etc.)

  • Innovation of business model:

    (innovation of profit model, innovation of financing mode, reasonable understanding of policies, proper use of government subsidy, multiple cooperation, use of platform advantages, scale development strategy, etc.)

  • Main investors/fund:

    (one party or parties that invest most capital and have important influence)

  • Annual income:

    (for the last 24 months)

  • Main customers for now:

    (region, age, gender, education, income, etc.)

  • Competitors:

  • Others:

  • Please leave your message here if you have any question:

If you have any question please send email to:

Other contacts:

  • TEL: +86-10-65012381
  • FAX: +86-10-65906171

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