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Mexican Federation of Tourism Enterprises

FEMATUR was established back on August the 10th, 2015, retaking the job made by the National Tourism Confederation, dated back on November 9th, in 2004.

Release time : 2020-06-04 09:53:23
source : Mexican Federation of Tourism Enterprises

FEMATUR is the name of a Mexican leader business organization who represents, the micro, small and medium-sized tourism entrepreneurs in the country, with the purpose of incorporating their regulatory and promotion requirements, into the construction of public policies, that facilitate the business development of its members, striving for the design and the adoption of a tourism model which is able to impulse our business competitiveness, the sustainability of our destinations and to insist in the searching of the quality and the excellence when the service is provided, which leads to measured and evaluated satisfaction from the national and foreigner tourist visiting us.

The tourism model we are looking for must necessarily imply SUTAINABILITY, understood as the balance represented by the exploitation of the attractiveness of the destination with environmental approach, the generation of the economic daily sustenance of their habitants, and the preservation and rescue of the previous historical and cultural values.

The model also must search for INCLUSION, understood as the existence of the regulatory and commercial mechanisms, that allow the tourism practice coming from all the social groups, including the least economically favored, the social and economically vulnerable population and the people with disabilities.

Our membership composition allows us to demonstrate and register the tourism activity impact, characterized by its INTEGRALITY and its TRANSVERSALITY. That is the reason why we represent to all the hoteliers, the land, air and sea carriers, all of the online and offline travel agents, restaurant managers, artisans, tourism guides, tourist developers, technological developers, educational institutions specialized in tourism, trade union and business organizations, tourism promoters, organizers of all kinds of tourism related meetings and events, administrators and managers of destinations, among many other groups more.

FEMATUR was established back

Our legal counselors: lawyer Song Yunfeng& lawyer He Wen
both from Dacheng Law Offices