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China Daily

A Voice of China on the Global Stage; National English-language newspaper, founded in 1981; Global circulation: 900,000 copies; 45 million print and web readers worldwide.

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source : WTCF

China Daily’s Print Media

Global Coverage and Targeted Readership

With a circulation of 900,000 copies(600,000 distributed overseas),China Daily covers domestic and world news through nine print editions and digital media worldwide.

Founded on June 1, 1981,China Daily newspaper attracts high-end readers from diversified fields, including diplomats, representatives of international organizations and transnational corporations, international media reporters and editors, as well as foreign tourists.

China Daily also publishes in Hong Kong , the United States, Canada, European countries, Asia, ASEAN countries, Africa, and Latin America, These editions are distributed to local governments, embassies and consulates, think tanks, universities, financial institutions, transnational corporations, international organizations, hotels and high-income readers.

21st Century English Education Media, launched in 1993, is aimed at primary school, middle school and university students. It has developed into an all-platforms education institution and is now China’s leading brand for English education.

China Daily’s global development

Partner of Strength and Multi-language Platforms

With a circulation of 4 million, China Watch is a monthly publication distributed to millions of high-end readers as an insert in mainstream newspapers around the world.

China Daily has also developed diversified cooperation with over 40 media organizations around the world, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, etc.

Alliances and Offshoots

Founding Member of Asia News Network

Asia News Network consists of 21 mainstream news organizations in 19 Asian countries. China Daily is the founding member of ANN and plays a key role by exchanging stories and staff with mainstream media in other parts of Asia.

Source: Official Website of China Daily.

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