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An Online Tour of Berlin Dom: Deciphering Its Past and Present Lives

Because this behemoth nears the Spree River, stands on the eastern side of Museum Island, it is an "alien " of the island s museum architectural complex.

Release time : 2020-06-02 17:17:37
source : visit-berlin

Berlin Dom is an eye-catching building in Berlin, and anyone who has been there would not miss it. Because this behemoth nears the Spree River, stands on the eastern side of Museum Island, it is an "alien" of the island's museum architectural complex.

Although it does not have the extensive collections of the five surrounding museums, the existence of Berlin Dom is both a continuation of the cultural tradition and an echo of history.

Berlin Dom, dating back to 1465, there was a church near the present site of it, where was a place of religious service for the Hohenzollern family and a graveyard for family members.

About 300 years later, the King of Prussia was not satisfied with the style of the original church and ordered its demolition and reconstruction. So an extravagant baroque church was built in 1750 on the present site of Berlin Dom as a court church for the Prussian royal family.

However, Berlin Dom had its most fateful years in the 19th and 20th centuries.

First, it was "changed" into an elegant classical style by Schinkel, and then the King of Prussia ordered its demolition and reconstruction again.

Berlin Dom was built in 1905, which was similar to the one we see today and it was the Renaissance style. The building was even larger in scale, with a strikingly large dome that echoed the city palace across the street, reflecting William II's ideal empire.

Berlin Dom, which has tried various architectural styles, has not escaped the war. During World War II, a shell ignited the dome of the church.

Due to the height of the dome, it was difficult to fight the fire and the top of the tower eventually collapsed. The post-war "crippled" posture lasted for many years.

The restoration of the Berlin Dom began in 1975, which simplified the original design and decoration, it reopened in 1993.

After entering the church, the first thing that comes to mind is the Predigtkirche, with magnificent interior decoration, organ

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