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Guiding documents of the World Tourism Cities

Guiding documents of the World Tourism Cities

1 Goal and significanceWTCF is the first international tourism organization that unites tourism cities and develop

Release time : 2014-06-26 10:09:00
source : WTCF

1. Goal and significance

WTCF is the first international tourism organization that unites tourism cities and develops a rigorous and valid tourism cities evaluation system for strengthening the federation's say across the globe and guiding world tourism cities' development. The mutual efforts in marketing development will be community communication and cooperation among tourism cities, enabling them to be conducive to promoting standardization of the tourism statistic system and providing efficient service to both the member cities and non-member cities. It will be conducive to enabling the tourism cities to identify comparative advantages in the world tourism competition and the disadvantages compared to the fellow cities, while providing theoretical basis for their decisions regarding future development.

In April 2011, Beijing Jiaotong University started to conduct the research project on the world tourism cities evaluation system, under the full support of the Beijing government at all municipal levels and the guidance of the Committee of Experts of the WTCF.. The project attempts to interpret the concept of a ‘world tourism city', analyze its elements and work out a comprehensive evaluation system, in order to establish a tool for observation and understanding of future tourism development, and a platform for the tourism cities to share experience.

2. Ranking of international cities

More research on cities has been produced in the recent years and increasing attention has been brought to the ranking of cities published by influencing organizations.

2.1 Ranking of cities

The research team analyzed several rankings of World Cities (Table 1), such as the Global Power City Index (GPCI) and the Economist's Most Livable City Index, and found two salient features. Firstly, the index design reveals strong emphasis on stratification and hierarchy, which points to the consideration of the comprehensiveness of the evaluation index and to avoid

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