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World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.79

The 8th Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF)was held in Macao from October 14th to the 15th, 2019. The World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) attended the forum as the joint supporting unit. Li Baochun,the Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the WTCF attended the first GTEF·World Tourism

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.77

Airbnb is offering a handful of people concerned about the environment a chance to participate in scientific research on how to help preserve it during an all-expense paid trip to Antarctica.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.76

The airport is in addition to the longstanding Beijing Capital Airport and will increase flight capacity in the Chinese capital. Daxing, which has four runways, will have capacity to handle 45 million passengers annually by 2021 and 72 million by 2025.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.75

“Berlin leuchtet” – Berlin lights up – certainly lives up to its name. The colourful spectacle of light by artists from all over the world attracts millions every year.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.74

The WTCF has established a great number of platforms for mutually beneficial cooperation, cultural understanding, and set forward a great number of declarations, proposals and initiatives. The federation has echoed the call of the times (global tourism enhances globalization), and made its voice

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.73

The 8th Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit, co-hosted by the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) and Helsinki, inaugurated September 3rd in Helsinki, the most functional city in the world.The summit follows the theme of “Smart Tourism: Road to City Innovation and Development”.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.72

From September 2nd through the 4th, the WTCF Helsinki Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2019, co-hosted by World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) and Helsinki will be held in the esteemed Finland Hall, Helsinki. Themed on “Smart Tourism — Road to City Innovation and Development”, the summit will

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.71

The San Francisco Travel Association opened two new Visitor Information Centers (VICs) in January 2019 ...

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.70

An exhibition depicting the preservation and development of Chinese traditional woodblock printing opened on Monday at The Prince s Foundation School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) in London.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.69

Ctrip has pledged to allocate its online platforms and media connections to promote Sicilian tourism destinations and unique local experiences to the Chinese high-end outbound tourism market.

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