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Seville, the nerve centre of cultures

Is it true that there are places in the world that seem to exert a special force of attraction? Seville is one of them.

Release time : 2020-06-17 09:26:03
source : Tourism Board of the City of Seville

Is it true that there are places in the world that seem to exert a special force of attraction? Seville is one of them.


Time in your hands

And Seville has this attraction not only for people who travel, but also for the settlement of cultures, which this land has always attracted. Seville and Andalusia have always been a land desired by different civilisations. Lands loved by Phoenicians, Tartessians, Romans, Arabs, Christians ... Diverse stories have even located Atlantis a few kilometres away from Seville.

In every corner of the centre of Seville you will breathe history. There are many corners that give you this feeling, as the old town of Seville is one of the oldest in the world, and the oldest in Spain.

In its architecture, the Giralda synthesizes a good part of the history of Seville.

Hispalis, Ishbiliya, Seville...

And in the middle of this journey through time, look up at the Giralda and think about the historical periods that this tower has dominated from its heights over almost a millennium ... a mixture of styles, cultures and civilisations that enrich us: the highest tower in the world in its time and one of the most successful "fusion" architecture constructions in history.

A walk through history

When you come to Seville you will also be making a journey through history, here are some small notes to try out:

On a slope West of Seville was the impressive Tartessos treasure of Carambolo.

5 minutes from Seville is Italica, the first Roman city that was founded outside the cradle of the Empire.

The most erudite exponent of Visigothic Hispaniawas born in Seville: San Isidoro, precursor of the modern encyclopaedia thanks to his 'Etymologies'.

Numerous churches of the city were mosques in the Arab period, conserving wonderful elements of that style, such as the cathedral: visit the Patio de los Naranjos, the authentic sahn of the main mosque.

Did you know that Seville experienced its own unique game of thrones among the

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