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Promoting the Globalization of World Tourism Cities — Los Angeles Declaration of WTCF

Cities are both the major destinations and major tourist sources of world tourism. They carry the important function of tourism hubs. We attach high importance to the role of tourism cities as the connecting points for world tourism development and encourage tourism cities...

Release time : 2017-09-21 11:33:00
source : WTCF

tourism cities, strengthen building of tourism infrastructures and service facilities, and achieve sustainable development of world tourism industry.

In keeping with the strategic focus of advancing globalization and promoting coordinated development of world tourism cities, WTCF would like to put forward the following initiatives:

1. Establishing a more prosperous world tourism market. Tourism cities should actively explore multilateral cooperation mechanisms to promote all-round opening of tourism markets and resources in various countries and help more tourism cities become world famous tourism destinations. With the goal of building a new international architecture of win-win tourism cooperation, WTCF calls for the efforts to open up channels for tourism resources and markets, strengthen brand promotion, achieve the full circulation and effective utilization of tourism resources and factors across the world and promote coordinated development of world tourism market.

2. Improving world tourism comprehensive services. We should give attention to the role of tourism cities as the hub and pillar, strengthen the building of ecological environment, infrastructure and tourism service facilities of cities, and improve the accessibility of tourism cities in the areas of inter-continental tourism, regional tourism and in-depth tours. We should develop the broader hospitality industry such as commercial, accommodation and catering industries that can meet the diversified needs of the public and the new generation of tourists and expand the overall capacity of tourism cities. We should encourage the building of smart cities, expand the coverage of information network and promote the diversified travel modes.

3. Promoting coordinated development of world tourism. We should support the relevant cities to explore their local tourism resources and unique cultural tradition, and develop distinctive tourism products suited to diversified tourist needs. We should leverage

Our legal counselors: lawyer Song Yunfeng& lawyer He Wen
both from Dacheng Law Offices