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Great Minds Meet in Melbourne

There’s a reason why Melbourne continually wins the host rights for international conferences and business events, it’s renowned as Australia’s knowledge capital and innovation hub.

Release time : 2021-04-14 16:13:33
source : Melbourne Convention Bureau

centre, it is home to 40% of Victoria’s manufacturing activities and over 56,000 registered businesses encompassing manufacturing, retail, property and business services.

The Northern Precinct

The Northern Precinct is located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and comprises eight major research and technology institutions fostering world-leading innovation

With MCB’s access to world-leading research institutes and connections to academics, consider engaging with the MCB team to look into hosting your next conference in Melbourne. The dedicated team will provide you with the expertise and support needed to maximise the chances of your association or organisation winning.

Get in touch with MCB today to learn how the team can work collaboratively with you to secure and deliver a successful event that drives tangible outcomes and long-lasting legacies.

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